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Reception - Daisy Class & Buttercup Class

Home Learning books are sent home each Friday and include information on the activities required. In the Autumn Term the activities are literacy and phonics based. From Spring Term there will also be maths activities included. The children also have their key words and reading.

From Year 1 onwards, children are provided with a 'menu' of Home Learning activities for the term. Children should complete a 'starter' and a 'main' option each week but can select in which order they complete them.
Year 1 - Cornflower Class & Snowdrop Class
Year 2 - Lavender Class & Poppy Class
Year 3 - Foxglove Class & Sunflower Class
Year 4 - Orchid Class & Water Lily Class
Year 5 - Oxlip Class & Iris Class
Year 6 - Larkspur Class & Heather Class