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Moving from Reception to Year 1

Moving from Reception to Year 1


Links to the key documents that were discussed at our Parent Information Session can be found below:


Letters and Sounds (Phonics guidance for teachers)


Example Phonics Screening Check (the statutory assessment carried out in June)


Question & Answer Session


Q. Do the children get an afternoon playtime in Year 1?

A. Yes they do.


Q. How will children know where to go when they come in to school? What if they get lost?

A. Staff will be placed along the ‘street’ to help any children who are not sure where to go. Children will practise coming in to school via the new entrance during transition days.


Q. What will home learning look like in Year 1?

A. We are currently reviewing home learning as a school. It is likely to be different to what the children have received in Reception. A new parents forum is being set up – there will be an opportunity to discuss home learning as part of this.


Q. How will spelling be taught in Year 1?

A. Spelling will be taught in various ways. Phonics will play a big part as children continue to learn to ‘sound-talk’ (sound out) new words e.g. ch – ai – n -> chain. Children will also be taught to recognise common exception words (also known as tricky words). These cannot be sounded out fully e.g. ‘because’. A list of these words can be found in the centre pages of your child’s Reading Log. Children will be given focus spellings similar to the key words on their tags now.